Sam Mayle is an illustrator and graphic designer based in the London and Essex area of the United Kingdom.

Sam graduated from Colchester Institute in 2015, studying graphic design. However Sam sees himself being self-taught in illustration, by drawing and doodling every chance he got, ever since he was very young. His influences range from sci-fi, fantasy and everyday life, from all forms of media. Sam's imagination is fuelled by film/t.v, video games and literature, any good story told by a particular medium can instantly captivate Sam.

Sam is always on the look out for his next big project that can challenge and express his creative ability, while also working on his own personal projects. Sam's best work comes from when he is being challenged, and his creative ability is pushed. This comes from Sam's desire to always push and better himself, in order to be the best artist he can - through constant research and practice.

Sam has a steady growing online fanbase, which he never takes for granted. With his followers online always providing the extra motivation he needs to work harder, and produce better work.
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