Book Cover Commission

Book cover commission for a Sci - Fi novel titled 'Diamondcrabs and Mangoes: Interstellar Spring Book 2' by J. Darris Mitchell.

A century ago mankind looked for life in the stars… and found nothing. Not a bug, not a plant, not even a protozoa. With Earth on the brink of environmental collapse Earth’s most tenacious organisms were loaded on unmanned probes and sent out in hopes up jumpstarting ecosystems on 51 alien worlds for future colonists. Interstellar spring is a story about a crew of Interstellar Ecologists tasked with keeping these fragile and bizarre ecosystems healthy enough for human life.

In episode two of Interstellar Spring, Captain Catalina Solaris Xao Mondragon and her crew of Interstellar Ecologists are called upon to save a planet from an infestation of mutant crabs intent on eating every drop of carbon they can find, even if it’s inside of living people. 

Available here:
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