Book cover commission for a fantasy novel titled 'Kingdom Of Glas: Rebirth' by Kenneth Vider.


When the warrior race known as the Glas set out to conquer the Six Kingdoms, nothing stood in their way. With their power unmatched and their lust for war primal, the Glas were an unstoppable force. Then one day, they simply vanished. Four hundred years later the race and their conquest were but vague memories; simple whispers among the few who still know the legend. But when the gears of war begin to turn anew among the remaining Kingdoms, the bloodshed of battle will awaken the last Glas. The coming war will force a young farm hand, Kaiser Noire, from his simple life and onto the front line. With his life on the line, he will discover something inside of him that he could never have imagined. When talk of war reaches across the realm to Valacore, an old knight gives chase to the rumors of the Glas, leaving his son to question his father's involvement. The young knight, Grant Dalfair, will set out to unravel the past. His faith will be shaken, and everything he knows will be questioned, as he attempts to learn the truth and stop the Glas. 

Available here:
Finished Front Cover
Full Book Cover Wrap
Initial Mock Up
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