Album Cover Commission

Album artwork for Australian based metal band THE GLOOM IN THE CORNER's 'HOMECOMING' EP.

'Homecoming continues the story left behind in Fear Me, told from the perspective of Ethan Hardy, the brother of the main protagonist in, Jay, from the last story. 

Lost in the constant state of delusion to the Gloom, Jay has been left to rot in the confines of a cell by his former employers, as Ethan can do nothing but helplessly watch. In retaliation, he lashes out at everyone he loves as he's constantly reminded of his brother's incarceration, and the vivid traumatic dreams and visions he relives every day of his time in the military. He pushes everyone away, to the point where only he is the only one left standing. 

This is the realest story we've written into the lore of Section 13, and we hope you all enjoy it.'

"Welcome to the witch hunt. Welcome to my homecoming. This is survival of the grittiest."

Digital and physical packaging.
Released June 13th, 2017.
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