Album Cover

Album artwork for Australian based metal band THE GLOOM IN THE CORNER's 'Flesh & Bones' EP.

'Meet Sherlock Bones, the untold catalyst of the ‘Fear Me’ Arc from The Gloom In The Corner. Taking place before ‘Villain’ and fresh off the heels of the end of the ‘Homecoming’ EP, the skeleton faced detective unveils himself to the world and retells his own version of the events of ‘Fear Me’ in his own narcissistic, arrogant and brutal way, along with a reformation and re-branding of the Coffin Crew, the Devil’s Throne, displaying he’s not one to be trifled with.
He’s known by many names; The Devil of the Sect, the Fist of Doom, the Hellhound for the Devil’s Throne.
They call him Sherlock Bones, and you will remember his name.
Welcome to the Sect..'

Available here.
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